Troy has worked as a psychologist in public and private practice and community work in Central Queensland since 2001. He was born and bred in Rockhampton and is of mostly Cornish, Irish and Chinese descent. He sees himself as very privileged to have increasingly worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, families and communities over the last 10 years and he has learned respectful practices and two-way learning journeys are vitally important.  He is currently also collaborating on a collective narrative practice project named: ‘Shy or Quiet when we want to be, but never Silenced.’ Troy has completed a Masters of Narrative Therapy and Community Work and is a teacher and supervisor of both psychology and narrative therapy practices.  He is moving to the north of Brisbane with his family and his next adventure will include working at P.A.A.W Redcliffe.  He is very excited to hopefully learn to provide Animal Assisted therapy in partnership with his cherished friend Bundaberg.

Troy Holland BPsychSc(hons)
Psychologist | Educator | Animal Assisted Therapist

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