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Bundy is a Cavalier Kiing Charles X who came from a rescue. Bundy  is a happy-go-lucky dog who works with Troy. 


Oliver is a Border Collie who has lots of active hobbies. Being a herding breed, he loves to chase his pet chickens around. Oliver enjoys running (really fast) and belly rubs. Oliver works with Sam. 


Elouise is a Golden Retriever. Her favourite game is tug-of-war and her favourite friend is Oliver. Elouise works both with Sam and Chelsea. 


Lulu is a cavoodle. She likes to play with her puppy sister Coco and loves belly rubs. Lulu works with Amy, and co-facilitates our Kids Group Programs. 


Isabelle is a Bearded Collie who LOVES to run and bounce. She is sister to Sonny, Elouise & Oliver and works with Sam. 

Sonny Banana

Sonny is a Yellow Labrador, who enjoys swimming and playing fetch. He is brother to Isabelle, Elouise and Oliver and works with Sam.

Meet Our Team of Therapy Dogs