Online Bookings

PAAW offers an online booking service for the convenience of our busy clients. This is a voluntary service, you are always welcome to book your appointments via phone or within your sessions (see the contact us page for details).

Online booking is ONLY available for existing clients - if you are a new client (haven't yet had your first appointment), then please contact us via phone or email to schedule your first appointment. This is to allow for us to explain the Online Booking Policy, Instructions & Cancellation/No Show fees in person. 

When booking appointments online, be aware that cancellation fees still apply. Also, while the diary may be full, if you continue to check back you will see different times on offer as others reschedule their booked times. After hours appointments (5pm and onwards) are charged at $140 per session. 

Online booking is not available for Group Programs - to register for group programs click here. 

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