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Trained & Assessed AAT Canine

Name: Isabelle 
DOB: Oct 2013
Sex: Female (desexed)
Breed: Bearded Collie
Colour: Fawn
Therapy Dog training: competed July 2014

Resume: PAAW
Therapy Dogs Australia
Private Practice (Loganholme & Capalaba)




Chasing Sonny

Playing with doggy friends & family


Isabelle (Belle the Beardie) and Samantha King work together as a therapist-canine team, but first and foremost she is Sam’s dog. Sam chose Isabelle because Bearded Collies are used as therapy dogs all over the world, due to their friendly and bubbly nature - they just love people.

Bearded Collies are affectionately known as ‘Beardies’, and are a type of Sheepdog mostly found in colder climates. She has a long double coat which requires frequent attention. 

Isabelle has been working as a professional Therapy Dog since July 2014, she has experience working in private practice with children and adolescents. 

However, following a traumatic brain injury, Isabelle had some time off from therapy work. She has received lots of treatment and TLC, and as such she has improved majorly! Isabelle now is re-engaged at PAAW as a therapy dog, although is on restricted duties. 

Due to her injury, Isabelle presents as quite anxious at times, which means that she is fantastic at teaching young people about anxiety, building confidence, patience, delayed gratification, impulse control, social skills and more.  She can also empathise with people who have suffered with chronic pain, and leaving work.