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Animal Assisted Feelings and Friends Program

  • Facilitated by Provisional Psychologist, Amy Biggs-Tsoubos and Therapy Dog, Lulu

  • 5-week program

  • 4-6-year-old age group

  • After School Times (typically 4pm)

  • Limited Places (max of 8 per group)

This five-week group program is designed to introduce children to common emotions and feelings and how to regulate these, as well as teaching social skills. Children will be introduced to:

  • Identifying and understanding emotions in themselves and others

  • Emotional regulation

  • Empathy

  • Sharing

  • Turn Taking

  • Following rules of games

This program aims to teach young children appropriate social skills to help build the foundations of learning to interact with their peers in appropriate and kind ways, and to introduce them to common feelings and emotions which they may experience daily. All content is delivered in an interactive and fun way where children do games and activities about the topics.

The program is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy modalities integrated with Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) techniques. Throughout the process of the group program, the participants also learn very valuable skills in confidence, assertiveness, self-esteem, impulse control, delayed gratification & dog training! 

The role of the Therapy Dog is to assist the participants with group and individual activities. Activities, which are assisted by the Therapy Dog, are more enjoyable for the participants, fulfil sensory needs and assist with group engagement, participation and retention rates. 

This group is suitable for children who are shy meeting new people, who struggle to separate from parents or care-givers, who have low confidence, experience anxiety, who struggle to identify, understand and regulate their emotions, or who have difficulty making or maintaining friendships.